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Customize Your Finish

(This photo is from a race this past winter)

This years race will feature a brand new technology from a local company called NovusMage. NovusMage builds interactive jumbotrons that will permit you to upload your own photo which will be displayed on the finish line jumbotron when you finish your trail run.

Custom Finish Line: About Us

Upload your own photo and tell us something interesting

Custom Finish Line: Welcome

How To Customize the Jumbotron

It's super easy to customize your finishing experience. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation with a link to your personal event page. Click on 'Update Profile' to upload your profile picture and enter any interesting information about yourself. We will do our best to display this information when you finish.


 Register for the event here


Login to your personalized event Page


Update your Profile

Custom Finish Line: What We Do
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