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Course Maps

PDF Map of the 5k courses


5K Course

The course starts on the east end of the soccer field goes across to the gate at the right end of the field and up the left side of the parking lot, right at the large tree and past the ski hut entrance, through the woods to the baseball field. Across the field behind the bleachers and follow the southside fence to the connector trail. Go left and stay left onto the Brook Trail to the fork in the road at the lower bridge. Go left over the Lower bridge and left up the Powder Hill Trail, left at the junction with Chesterfield Trail. Past the upper bridge and left back onto the Lower Powder Hill Trail, and across the Lower bridge (fork) and left on the Brook trail to the connector trail. Go left toward the upper bridge and turn right on the snowshoe trail just before the bridge (very narrow) take this trail to the Riddle Drop trail, go left back to the connector trail. Stay left up to and across the end of the soccer field to the gate. Go left past the new basketball pad and right past the school entrance then turn right and a quick left past the tennis courts, through the parking area down the hill, and back to the parking area at the soccer field. Go up the hill again past the ski hut entrance take a short loop on the softball field and straight onto the Goedecke gully trail to the soccer field and the finish line.

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