Course Maps

The 5K course consists of a 3K loop (red line) followed by the 2K loop (blue line). You can run the 2K followed by the 3K, or the 3K followed by the 2K. Your choice.


2K Course

The 2K course starts in the soccer field, heads over to the baseball field, comes back on the soccer trail connector and then heads out on brook trail. At the fork in the trail, make a right. Follow this trail across the bridges, through Riddle Loop and then finish back on the soccer field.


3K Course

First Loop of the 5K Course

The 3K loop is the first loop of the 5K course. It starts off the same as the 2K, but at the fork in the trail, go left. Follow the trail up and around and you connect back to the 2K course. THIS IS A HILLY COURSE! When you get back to the soccer field, you can either finish or head back out on the 2K course.