Police Car Lights

Rules and Regulations

Please take these seriously

We are being allowed to have this event with the caveat that all our participants follow the rules as set down by the Bedford Police, the Bedford Health Department, the State of NH and other local officials. Failure to follow these rules will jeopardize this event and may create a health of safety concern.

Here they are, in no particular order, but please read them and abide.

  • Masks MUST be worn to and from the event. This is very similar to the rules of restaurants. You don't need to wear the mask when you are on the course (although it's always advised to wear a mask whenever you are around other people). 

  • If you are by the start line, and there are too many people around where you cannot maintain a 6 foot distance, please walk away, giving yourself the room. There is no rush to start. Let the larger group go, then take your turn. This is not a timed event, so there is no rush to get over the starting line.

  • DO NOT PARK ON CHUBBUCK ROAD OR WALLACE ROAD!! Can't stress this enough. There is a Mens software league the same night and they need the room. If you park there, you will be towed! You may park on site in Earl Legacy Park, at Riddle Brook School, or on New Boston (the same side as the park only)

  • HAVE FUN! Most important rule of all!

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